Start Learning Pashto In Order To Make Friends in Afghanistan

"If the fundamental function of weapons is to destroy enemies and protect friends, this ingenious iPhone app is perhaps the most cost effective and efficient weapon in our arsenal." - Dell Blair

In regards to making friends in Afghanistan USA Today stated, "Tough, effective and aware that forming alliances with people rather than killing them is how to defeat an insurgency like the Taliban"

Now there is an app that quickly and effectively teaches a major language of Afghanistan called, "Pashto".

This app will help you gain enough of a foothold in Pashto so you can begin to make friends with Pashto speakers.  Within the first ten minutes you can learn more than ten phrases in Pashto by using what you already know!  This Pashto app enables you to do this by giving you mnemonic bridges we call VelcroPatches.

This app differs from any language teaching devices you've ever seen.  

It's about reality, about making friends with Pashto speakers.   It gives you whole phrases, phrases you can easily master, and hold on to, and put to practical use.

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